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Just got back from practice and it was the most productive we've been in a while. We worked out the kinks in 3 new songs that we've had in our pockets for months and worked on 3 other new ones. We need to get our asses in gear because we're recording a full length at the end of January!


Ain't it the truth Mac, nothing like a carrot dangling to inspire the lazy donkey


Make sure you record all the songs first at home and have them all totally worked out before you head into the big bad studio!


When I was in a band as a teen it was always frustrating that practice was such a toss up. You'd load up your heavy gear, bring it over to someone's house, get it all ready and then all they want to do is sit around, drink beer and TALK about music. But then you would have a productive one and everything would be OK.

On a way more funny note, the band Austrian Death Machine (a band fronted by "Arnold") has a song about being a singer at band practice and it's pretty hilarious.


You can't catch lightning in a bottle all the time, but when you do - damn it feels good!

One thing that can be frustrating (but you gotta just laugh) is when we get together and come up with a few new riffs then get them arranged and we're all thinking, "Cool we got a new song or two for the set". Then while listening to playback we recognize it as a song we either canned or a song that is on our "get back to this old idea" list. It's never exact, but it's really close.

I've only been in a real studio once, but we rehearsed like crazy for the couple weeks leading up to studio time. Made things run smoothly. Out of 10 songs, there were only 2 tracks that required a third run through - and some were first takes. It saved us some cash & I think the overall performance was better because we walked in prepared.

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