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light bulb current limiter problem with step down tranny.


57 Chet, yeah, I'm definitely going to Baltimore! See you there...

Mrock, I can't see the photo???


Thanks stokes. Wenzel try reducing your monitor size. Cheers.


Actually...technically shouldn't the black go to the fuse and the white to the power swich?


The fuse should be on the black wire. It doesn't really matter where you put the switch. Remember, this guy is using a step-down transformer, so both sides are isolated from the outside world. Over here, black "should" be the hot wire, and white would be the grounded wire. Since he's going through an extra transformer, the only difference between the two wires is phase. The important thing is to have a solid ground from the chassis back to the source so that his amp has the same ground as everything else. If you have any uncertainty about the grounding, have an electrician take a quick look at the amp and transformer.


In case I confused the US, black is hot, green is ground, and white is neutral, which is the grounded wire. We make a distinction between ground and grounded. In most other places, there are two hot wires and one ground.


Thanks Billy.Yeah balck wire here (australia) is active too.

PS -I have a good friend who is an electrician (and amp freak)who I always get to double check this stuff for me. SAFETY! SAFETY! SAFETY! Always N0:1 priority with me.


You should also check the actual filament voltage. Most step-down transformers just cut the voltage in half, but parts of Australia can run over 250volts. Your filaments should be at least 6 volts, but not over 6.6
Higher voltage can shorten tube life.


Yes,you had mentioned this to me once before. Filimanet voltage is right on 6.3v. Using a fluke multi meter.So all good! Cheers.

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