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Last Train to Clarksville:


Great. We were lucky when I was growing up, even the 'manufactured' pop was often brilliant.


One of my favorite Monkees tunes! Micky Dolenz had a fantastic singing voice.


Say what you want about them, they came up with some danged good songs! Clarksville was their best as far as I am concerned.

Bobby Hart used to spend summers in the Verde Valley in Arizona as a kid and Clarksville was a combination of Clarkdale and Cornville. At least that is the story that I heard.


with the late great gerry mcgee (rip) adding a little flourish!!

shelton also did the great solo on valerie...which when nesmith synched to it for the tv show, he can be seen flexing/shaking his hand at the end of it! hah

sheltons a great



Billy - Do you think you might make some videos like that someday soon?


Billy - Do you think you might make some videos like that someday soon?

– cheesy_rice

Really, BZ. That would be super cool. Teach us some good riffs.


bz is triple crown threat!!! he could talk about licks he's played...could talk technically about the innerworkings of rare and mysterious gear, and could talk about all facets of the history of rock guitar and players!!!

he's got a great auto-bio in him!!! 3 volumes!!.. haha



Great video!!!!


This is excellent also...


This is excellent also...

– richie...

seriously great tone there!


seriously great tone there!

– Daniel Weldon

I honestly cannot remember if I even knew that Lionel Ritchie song had a guitar solo. That was back when I mostly ignored "radio music". Hearing it again now I like it a lot. Very nice playing. Parts of it remind me of someone... George Benson, maybe?

I guess I'm fairly ignorant when it comes to knowing studio players. This guy seems very, very talented and I will explore for more.


Hello is one of the few non-RnR/rockabilly examples I have in my canon; always loved it and been playing it for years. If a rockabilly gig is going particularly well I always offer to play any requests and I’m still waiting for some smarty pants to ask for some Lionel Richie so I can whip this out.

Great to see it played by its creator with a little backstory, thanks for posting that.

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