Billy Zoom's Jet Set

Just a Bit of Praise….


Billy, you're a top-notch guy in my book. Doesn't count for much in most circles, but it's guys like you demolish the image of celebrities as ungrateful and rooted on a planet not in this galaxy, and also remind me of just how good people are.

It sounds like I might've gotten high before I wrote this, but I assure you folks that my drug days are well behind me. :D I've picked at Billy's brain more than a few times, and he's always come through with advice and some good conversation on top of that. A real class act.


I have to agree. Billy has helped me and amswered questions for me many times. Thanks Billy.


thanks, Bear, i was worried i was gonna look like the star-struck fanboy. :D


I think most of us agree that Billy has become quite the wealth of knowledge and experience amongst the Brotherhood/Sisterhood of the GDP. Seems to be a pretty straight forward guy that I wouldn't mind trading licks with some day( Not that I'm anywhere near as good ).

Hats off to ya, Mr. Zoom.


mark t wrote:

thanks, Bear, i was worried i was gonna look like the star-struck fanboy. :D

That's OK Mark, it's your birthday, and you can "look" like anything that you want :P

Have to agree that BZ comes off as just a "normal" guy who happens to play guitar, and loves playing with tubes.8-)


I agree with all of the above! Billy has come through for me a couple of times and has been very helpful and always answers emails and picks up the phone too! Picks, Pots, advice etc...


Come on...let's keep this thread going!


Billy Zoom rules! I love to read everything he writes here and I'm glad he writes often. He's a vast resource of knowledge and wisdom on many different topics and a great guitar player. C'mon, the guy invents new ways to build tube amps that a lot of players love. I would say he's the real deal. So Billy, when are you running for President?

Got Hope? Don't be Silly, Vote for Billy. Stop the Doom and Gloom, Vote for Zoom.


OK. Maybe that was a little over the top with the cheesy presidential slogans. I do enjoy reading his posts.


Same here. He's honest and a passion the size of the universe. Much respect, Mr. Zoom.


I ran for president a couple of times in the Eighties. At this point in my life, I might consider King or Emperor, but not president. I wouldn't want to waste my twilight years having to cut deals with Congress and the lobbyists.


You mean the guy who when you send him a thank you email for a great X show that you had to take a couple of days off of work, hop on a boat, and take a bus and you appreciate the professionalism unlike some bands you've seen, replies with "Thanks, it's my job"?

Or the guy who patiently exchanges emails with you and tells you what payment to use so he can ship your Little Kahuna before he jets out of town?

Or our resident electronics/guitar expert who can tell you what's good or not and more importantly, why it's a better or worse method with facts to back it up?

I love that guy.


Wit?? That's not what my wife calls it.


I agree with you all, much knowledge and experience.

Plus Billy is the nicest difficult person I know. !#$@%


Can I post some flowers or would that be hair dresser like? 8-)


Had enough Billy or do you need some more flattering?


BillyZoom wrote:

Wit?? That's not what my wife calls it.

Wit, smart-assery tomato tamah-to... ;-)


Damn! Why isn't there a thumbs up emoticon? Oh well, I'll use this one instead. Billy, we may have our differences on what constitutes good amp tone, but in spite of that, you're still WAY 8-) in my book!! Thanks for your insights on amps, guitars, the music industry, etc. :) You're truly an asset to the GDP!

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