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How did you guys come up with all those songs, I.e. lyrics first? Or did you come in with a riff, or both? I don't think I could write good lyrics to save my life, but the guitar playing I can handle


I took note to BZs comment about the recording, enggineering of the early Slash albums. He pointed out the difference of the Sex Pistols album vs the Slash recordings. The Ramones "Road to Ruin" caught great fidelity of the band.

Then, yeah, you deal with the access to FM radio at the time.


I think some of the earliest recordings are understandably rough, and wild gift could use a little polish, but I think the overall sound is awesome, especially UTBBS! The pistols had like 20 guitar tracks going haha. I have an early Chris Spedding-produced album of their demos, little to no overdubs yet, and the sound is thin at best. X records have enough power as is!


Im also seeing them tonight in Philly!


I saw John along with 3 of the other authors the other night. Ended up by the book and got the audiobook (that is a first for me) because all the authors (12+?) read their own chapters. But this was the highlight of the night...I need 3 others now :)


It didn't sound left-handed to me. It sound like an explanation of two guys approach to music told with respect by one of the guys and how the mix of the two attitudes made something extraordinary.

– Bob Howard

Yeah, John wrote in a completely complimentary way.

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