Billy Zoom's Jet Set

In LA this weekend? GO to this show


Does this not sound like a blast? Yes, it does.


Time wormhole back to 1980 or so...good for all 3!

I remember one of the late night "Rock Concert" shows, I swear all 3 were on the same bill/episode.

X, Los Lobos, and The Blasters...


no wait i got mine for the santa ana show on the 6th


I would but I'm worn out from the Dale Watson show last night.. I need two weeks to recover :)


sounds like a thursday night at madame wongs!!

hey t, dale still sportin that tomkins coin tele??.& quartet with pedal steel..good stuff

x, lobos and alvin...time!!



I like the poster. if only i were 3,000 miles closer*


Saw all 3 at the Second Annual Street Scene in downtown San Diego, 1985 I think. My friends band the Beatfarmers was also on the bill. Is this the original Blasters lineup? (or the core 4 anyway) Always a treat to see the battling Alvin brothers. I've been at so many great shows by each of those bands, great memories, wish I could be there for this.


Should be a rock and roll par-tay to remember. But I'm very East Coast... plus it's 2 days from now.


no wait i got mine for the santa ana show on the 6th

– Rattlecat

I'll be there Friday nite at the Galaxy as well.


Tonight LongBeach, tomorrow SantaAna, Saturday L.A., Sunday SanDiego,Monday rest.


Have some fun!

Looking forward to hearing more after the Shows!!!


And for those of us who can't make it 'cause we've blown all our dough on Gretsches, Los Lobos will play the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk August 26. Free. Two shows. Short sets but so what. X would sound fantastic blasting across the Boardwalk. I'll be seeing the Alvin's again next month. I sure do miss the Beatfarmers....


Great to know you're out working, Billy.


<<<<<..Gahhhhh..>>>> I wish I lived in L.A. right now


Odd seeing Billy Zoom not playing his Silver Jet last nite, still sounding great as usual. Never knew Mr. Zoom could make great sounds with a sax,,, and use his forehead as a pick holder.

Great show.


Been here for six hours so far...did a 15 minute sound check...sitting on an uncomfortable velvet couch...only another six hours to go and then we get to play for an hour and go home. We have to be in SanDiego in 12 hours so we can do it again. What a great life!


Come on, know it's true...everybody sing!

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