Billy Zoom's Jet Set

I think this is new news but regardless, it is GREAT news!!!


Just read that Billy Z is now cancer free. He will be undergoing chemo so he can stay that way. This is the second time he has beaten cancer.

Billy Z now cancer free

Billy, this is outstanding news! I had a little brush with cancer a couple of years ago but all I had to do is get a few inches of colon removed. I hope the chemo doesn't get you too down.


Awesome news! Thank God.


Really, really great news.


This is wonderful news! We love ya, Billy!


The best news that we could have hoped for. I'd love to see confirmation from BZ himself, but I will still take this as good news.

Now, if we can only get our pal, Mitch, well too.


I think Deed relayed a message from Billy a few days ago in another thread. BZ is a very talented Dude, and we are indeed fortunate that he shares with us. Hoping and praying for nothing but the best from my corner.


This is absolutely WONDERFUL news!!

Congratulations, Billy!! Wishing you all the best for a healthy future.


Good news indeed !

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