Billy Zoom's Jet Set

I Come Home To Hear…

1 kid playing all of Billy's guitar parts off the first 4 X records.

I wept tears of joy.


I would offer a hanky if I could John. Thats wonderful. The opening chords to "Nausea" are brilliant. Must be so cool to hear them in your house.




Walking up the drive and hearing Furie play the opening strains of White Girl warmed my heart.

The fact that he stole all of my records and is learning them on his own makes me very happy, indeed.

My youngest, the more eclectic one, has just been exposed to the world of Frank Zappa...right up his alley.

Between the three of us, there's a lot of music in this house that we call home.


Don't cry, it's probably just a phase.


As long as it's in phase, I'm good.


That's really cool. I had hopes for my son; his bass playing had far eclipsed my guitar playing (not that it would take much). But now he's 22 and his bass is on consignment at the local music shop....maybe one day he'll get the bug to play again and get another bass. The only thing my daughter plays is her ipod and field hockey....but she is very good at both.


Awesome John, gotta love it. I think Furie and Billy are about the same height too. Perhaps a huge smile and a wide stance are in order.

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