Billy Zoom's Jet Set

I caught X in Park City on September 7


May I just say "wow"? What a great show--it's the most fun I've had in a long time.


Caught them last night at Seattle’s Showbox theater, opening for Squeeze.

Great set. Billy was great as usual, though strange seeing him wielding a Country Gentleman rather than his silver jet.

Everyone sounded really good.

Joined by Eddie Vedder on Devil Doll.

Really glad I went.

Thanks Billy!!


Seeing 'em this Friday night in downtown Los Angeles!


I caught them in Portland ME a few years back. Best show I had seen in years, and nothing I have seen since has come close. They played every song I wanted to hear. I left wanting for nothing!


Billy's comments about touring/hanging with Squeeze should be fun...

I've always liked Squeeze, a handful of catchy songs well done.

On their first trip into the States they played one of our local Jr. High Auditoriums on a mid-week know, if there is an electrical outlet and you have nothing better to do...

It was curious to eventually hear their songs on the radio, then MTV.


If you happen to see this, Billy, was wondering while at the L.A. show the other night, why -- in that situation and with that repertoire -- you play the 6122 rather than the Jet.

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