Billy Zoom's Jet Set

Here Ya Go Billy!


it doesnt sound quite as good as it did on my phone when i recorded it and even less than in person but its pretty good.

its got small temporary straight pipes and a split manifold. oh and i have the steering wheel off because im patching it up and getting ready to repaint it. anyway hope you enjoy!


You need to find one of the factory dual carb manifolds. I know there weren't many, but it would be worth the search.


From what I understand 1940 was the last year for the Dynaflash 8. 1941 was the first year for the fireball straight 8 and I think the only year for the dual strombergs. Essentially it's the same motor there were a couple different sizes but a 41 dual carb manifold will fit my 248ci. I highly doubt I would find one at a swap meet but I have seen some on eBay however they wanted something like a grand for a rusty one with carbs that needed to be rebuilt. There's is always the option to fabricate one ala offenhouser style!

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