Billy Zoom's Jet Set

Health update


Best wishes to you, Billy -- stay tough and fight.

Clearly you are in the thoughts and prayers of many of us GDP people.


See you in Philly this August, Billy!

Are they booking this whole tour as the X Re-Zoomed tour, or was it just this one venue that came up with that?


Best wishes Billy and hope to see you on stage soon!


It's a hard fight, I know! Stay strong and look forward with strength and hope.Great to hear, you feel good, while the chemo.Thoughts and prayers to you, Billy!


Thanks for keeping us in mind with an update. Stay cool.


We're all behind you. And grateful for the sharing of yourself with us all!


Sending positive thoughts your way Billy. Keep us posted.


Continually sending good thoughts and prayers your way, good Sir!


If you all get anywhere close, I'll be there. And I'll say Hello, too.

The last time that was even an option was Asheville at The Orange Peel, before all of the elderly In-Law misfit son/brother-in-law abuse fiasco stuff was rumbling...

You hang tough!

I know a lot about all this, and attitude is a very good thing.

Go 'Tude! (That's a play on Roll Tide)


saw in 'nother thread, you're starting up again tomorrow...

keep strong bz, we're all pullin for and everywhere



Not only is this good news, we saw you recently at the State Theater (Falls Church, VA) and, to my ears, you sounded great. - as always.

That Tennessee Rose (?) roared (in a good way). Thanks for a great time (to you, John, Exene, DJ & co.).

Cheers, Jon


I missed the news the first time round, Mr Zoom, and have just caught this update. I'm sorry to hear you've been shadowed by this. I, like most of us, know other folks who've been through or are going through it, and I know the process is no fun. I hope it causes you as little discomfort and distress as possible, and that you feel better and better the rest of the time - and that you ultimately kick its butt and enjoy a long and fruitful late adolescence.

As always, thanks for being you.


Take care, Billy. This cancer business is just nasty and I am glad that you are able to deal with it. Hang in there. We are all pulling for you. Hopefully, that helps a little.

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