Billy Zoom's Jet Set



And don't forget Mike Henderson on tenor.


Love a big honkin horn section.


Note---reading the comments, someone mentioned that he got a request for money from Guybo---sounds just like the scam that just hit Duane Eddy. Trolls are busy!

Great studio pic! As an old sound guy, I noticed the boom mike shadow in the upper right corner of the photo. Looks like an RCA 44 or 77 ribbon---probably one of two or three mikes in the room. Simpler back then.

I'm with ya on the brass, Birdman. Horns are the original heavy metal.


LinkGuybo is around. I know people who have seen him lately at various events. Mike Henderson died of prostate cancer a while back, but I did get him to play some shows with me. This one's live from the Whisky a Go Go in 1981...Mike on Tenor, Steve Berlin on Baritone.


I used that photo as the basis of a painting back in college. It featured Eddie, Buddy Holly and James Dean. That's an iconic shot!

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