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Gretsch Sparkle Jet article


The first (and only?) documented scripty Silver Jet...and they don't publish a pic with the scripty headstock. Sigh.


Those G tailpieces sound horrible!


Don’t these writers know to send all articles to the GDP first for a proof reading.


Well, they kind of namechecked GDP by way of Mike Lewis, so that's cool too, right?

I also didn't previously read that those '89 reissue Jets that just came out have a "period correct" construction, so they'll be just like my 1994 Sparkle Jet. So interesting.....


Not a great article, I didn't think, but useful for Gretsch neophytes I suppose. It would have been better if Ed had written it...


It would have been better if Ed had written it... (Proteus)

I agree! But overall it is an OK piece.....


What does it say about me? Do I like it??


It acknowledges that you exist! You like that, right?


I read the article, and found it informative. Most of the stuff I already knew, but there were a few gems, like the production dates and the color availability (or lack thereof). All in all, I enjoyed reading it, thank you for sharing the link with us, Twangmeisternyc, I appreciated it.

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