Billy Zoom's Jet Set

Glide Magazine interview


Just read it. So interesting what he says about Ray Manzarek's screwing up their sound. It so happens that that was the first lp of theirs I ever bought, and thought it was ok, but something was missing. Put me off of the band until until I heard people here rave about Billy's playing. I get it now.


Thanks, Powdog! I enjoyed the interview, and I learned a few new things about BZ.


Thanks for posting this! I felt like I was having my own conversation with him.


That is a nice piece. One of the best BZ interviews I remember reading. He's very straightforward, responsive, and engaging. Good questions, too, bringing out a lot of context. I learned a lot.


Cool interview that,thanks for sharing Powdog!


X dared to be different, and it worked.


I’m fortunate to have been invited into his “shed” and it’s pretty amazing. There’s no 12 car bays in back but there are two and each has a cool car inside. Electronic shop and studio in front. Makes my cave look like a privy.


That sounds like the Billy we've all come to love. Great Interview.


I thought the interviewer was being modest. My mistake.


thanks for that...a good read

so true about all those old rockabilly records being so difficult to find back then...especially by todays standards, where just about everything is available in some shape or form

chuckled, the way interviewer heard mackie mixer as maxie mixer!!! haha..



Beck loser = Fostex 8tr, Mackie 1604VLZ, + spare bedroom! Rob knows his stuff!

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