Billy Zoom's Jet Set

FS: 1962 DuoSonic


Gold finish, w/ Dimarzio Red Velvet pickups.


Oh dear this is eatin on me bad -- kool gold finish


I'll have to take some photos without the flash & the red case, so you can see the real color. It's nice looking!


Is that a 24" scale length? I have a 24" scale super Sonic and am trying to figure out proper string gauges. I’m thinking around an .11 string set? Beautiful. And the Red Velvet pickups are icing on the cake!


I've never seen a Red case with one of those, Nice Guitar.


i'm using .010s on my 22.5". but then, i haven't used anything heavier than .010s in decades other than on my acoustics. .009s on everything else except the Jazzmaster, which seems to need the heavier strings with those big/wide pickups.


Smaller strings for long scale, fatter strings for short scale.


Price? Asking for a friend


I'll let him know.He's out there in LA.He's a (ugh) collector so he may be willing to pay that kind of price.

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