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Illinois Capacitor has changed the color of their electrolytics from gray to blue. I am shocked!


Is this a North versus South thing?

I thought we were past all that...hmmm, I live in South Carolina, apparently not....


This is more monumental than Sprague's change from orange to blue in the late-eighties.


just don't get shocked...literally!



They have also gotten smaller, haven't they?

Used be some other cool names ... open up an amp and find Comet capacitors, etc.


They got smaller a while ago. I'd gotten over that change.


Blue caps sound better dont they??


They will probably sell a ton of them, based on that!


Color of caps doesnt change the fact they are made in China. CDE just took over them this year (cornell dubilier)

"Illinois Capacitor operates a sales, warehouse and logistics center in Hong Kong.

"Illinois Capacitor significantly expands our board-level capacitor offering while still maintaining a focus on film and electrolytic power capacitors, said Jim Kaplan, Cornell Dubilier president. Illinois Capacitor has an “exceptional print position and will benefit from the strengths of our additional distribution partners," he said.

Kaplan added that Cornell Dubilier's customers will benefit by having a full service warehouse in China and access to a broader offering of capacitors."

F&T made in Germany. Founded in 1948 by Heinz Fischer and Alfred Tausche, F&T Capacitors has over 60 years of experience in producing some of the finest capacitors available today. F&T Caps are known for their great tone and reliability.


I'll bet some reckon the different colour will change the sound. Like "magic" expensive speaker cables from loopy audio retailers?

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