Billy Zoom's Jet Set

Embie/Melita bridge


Hello all, just dropping in to mention that I just purchased an Embie concepts Embiematic stovebolt (synchrosonic) bridge, and wow, what an awesome bridge. My jet came stock with the junky space control, which will never go back on. That was replaced with a brass tru arc, which is also awesome. Between the embie and tru arc, there is no winner, they're both great in their own ways, and do sound very different to my ears, but the embie is the keeper for me due to the adjustable intonation. I would love to hear other people's comparisons, and Billy, have you tried the Embiematic? Fwiw, I never tried an original melita or even the reissue gretsch version, so I have no basis for comparison in that regard.

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