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Effects on “more fun”


I was listening to More Fun In the New World again today and started noticing some effects on certain tunes. Billy, did you use a pedal board back in the 80s or were some of the things just in the studio? I hear tremolo on "poor girl" and phaser or flanger on "make the music go bang."


The Tremolo was on my Fender Quad Reverb Amp. The phasing is just the result of having the same guitar track doubled, tripled, and quadrupled. The guitars flange against each other sometimes. It really sounds like an effect on the solo for The Have Nots, but it's just two guitar tracks played exactly in unison. That album was also produced and recorded very badly, so there's lot's of phase shift on everything.


Love me some session notes from artists I really appreciate!

Thanks for the answer BZ... and much thanks for posing the question, Chmason85!


Nice! Thanks for responding! I love Poor Girl, the tremolo effect is subtle but really makes a difference to my ear. I've been using a Boss tremolo pedal, never used the built in fender trem, do you know how good it is in modern fenders, like the 2x10 Vibrolux reverb?

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