Billy Zoom's Jet Set

Eddie Cochran


I like how George Harrison and John Lennon saw him in 1960 just a short time before the end... they knew what cool rock and roll was. George got his Duo Jet shortly after that.


Wow. 77. That makes him much closer in age to artists who came after but whom I had always thought of as being much younger. It's a weird effect. Think of the world pre WW2. Then think of the world when Eddie died. compare that gap in years to the gap from 1960 to us now.


Duane is just 6 months older than Eddie. John Lennon would have been 75 years old today, just two years younger than Eddie and Duane.


And, John's son, Sean, is, believe it or not, 40, today. Julian was born in 1963; yep, 52. Odd how they age and we don't, at least in our mind's eye. And, Duane is timeless. So, does that mean he doesn't age?

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