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My mission these days is to reduce my equipment to help in financial crunch, and be very frugal about my setup. For the past 1-1/2 years I've been using my Adrenalinn III for effects/amp modeling while recording direct, and have become so satisfied with it that I want to use it for live applications also (I do have a foot controller for it). I love a good tube amp as much as the next person, but it always seems that finding the sweet spot was always at the mercy of many variables - some out of my control. I have been able to dial in some very nice models of some of my favorite amps and they are consistent at any volume.

My question here is what are those that use amp modelers (Adrenalinn/Pod/V-amp/Tonelab) amplifying with? I'm finding online that some are using FRFR (full range, flat response) powered speakers - sometimes as the only amplification, others as a monitor while plugging in direct to the PA. I know that these units can be plugged into the effects return on an amp with a loop, but still lack the full-range that you heard when you were creating the model. Some have suggested using a keyboard amp. There's also the Power Engine - but they can't be full-range with a single 12". Modellers sound terrible plugged directly into a normal guitar amp - even if the speaker simulation is off.

Just wondering what those around here use for a similar setup.


I have the Power Engine (Tech21) and it's good with anything I've needed. The Tech 21 Acoustic Bronze has more highs with a tweeter, but less apparent power. I also have a Polytone Mini-brute II that is the current model. The III has a 15" and a tweeter now.

Most modern amps (except retro-RI-whatever tube "tweed" sounding rigs) have pretty good fidelity, IMHO.

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