Billy Zoom's Jet Set



Making the rounds on ROKU....worth watching. Very well done, except for the ever-present blue Hagstrom bass. Watch this!


Hagstrom red and blue guitars and basses and Ampeg amps were the hot lick in my town in '65-'67. It was abouit the coolest setup you could have except for maybe red or light blue Fender Mustang. A few of the rich kids had Guild Starfires.

Better check this thing out.


ROKU is a box for viewing Audio/Video. An alternative to cable.


There was a Cilla thread a while back, I think Billy even started it.

Interesting story...I hope my SC Public Television takes up the Series...


You can stream it on your computer from Amazon for a couple of bucks per episode. Then if you want to send that signal to your TV, you'll need a Roku or an Apple TV or a Chromecast sort of device.

Cilla is a British drama television miniseries about the early career of Cilla Black with Sheridan Smith playing the starring role. Smith was much praised for her performance.

You know, you can just type Cilla or Roku ( or anything you're curious about) into Google or Bing or Yahoo and find out stuff about stuff.

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