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Article in today WaPo about the dogmeat reality of Guitar Center ,aka Satan's Guitar Store.


But in the history it states that it was ground zero for the whole Thomas Vox scene like BZ stated here a few times.


Guitar Center sucks, plain and simple, unless you need to pick up a piece of PA equipment same day.

I don't have a lot of instruments, but I've got a better selection of quality at my own home than 90+% of any GCs I walk into.


The GC in Indy had a handful of older Gretsches on the wall the last time I was there. GC bought out Musician's Friend and Woodwind/Brasswind, then closed them down. W/B's warehouse was totally empty except for a few badly repaired Epis the last time I was in. Their collector, high end guitar section was gone as well. It's all too sad. If all the brick and mortar, Mom and Pop stores are closing, and GC is in dire straights, what's left? Bain is the bane of musicians.


When the giant falls, the smaller stores will reap the benifit. I would guess there will be a small time of flux, where we may have problems finding new gear. But places like ATOMIC and Action Music, surviving on Vintage/Used markets, will be fine. I think......I hope......

Just an opinion.


We still have several music stores here in Tucson, in addition to a GC. In particular Rainbow guitars is an excellent shop and we also have the, pleasantly funky, Folk Shop. Both seem to be doing great.

I have bought stuff at the GC but wouldn't bat an eye if it disappeared.


Encore in Auburn, CA, Nicholson's in Folsom, Northridge and Skip's in Sacramento, Acme in Oakland (John and Annette rock!) and Napa Music in Napa Valley. All thriving family owned stores. Gotta admit though, I love the back room at GC in Hollywood. What a wall!


Does his imply that you once doubted me? I have to add though, that It's not much of a Guitar Center history without any mention of George Whalen or Aspen Pittman. Without George,the Guitar Center could never have happened. Without Aspen, a lot of things would never have happened.


No doubting! It was just a point that lots of people, including me didn't know. I did know about Aspen Pittman, and how he worked for Acoustic and became a big tube honcho.


Aspen was the assistant manager at the original GC, and then started Groove Tubes.


AspenPittman - Vacuum Tube Expert. LOL.


Aspen was neither a tech nor a musician, but he's one of the best salemen I ever met.


Aspen was neither a tech nor a musician, but he's one of the best salemen I ever met.

– Billy Zoom

That might be true in person, but from a view of 3,000 miles, he struck me more as a carnival barker, or the Sham-Wow guy.

In his defense, during the mid 80's - which was mostly an abyss of crap guitar sound, he did get a lot of people interested enough in tubes to figure out how little he knew.


For those interested in learning more about AP here's something from a former employee. Scroll down to the middle of the page. The guy believes he's plain evil. I think he's just an asshole.

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