Billy Zoom's Jet Set

BZ Signature Jet


Here's mine. Just showed up a couple days ago. Ebony fretboard - yep Dynas - yep Scripty - bonus Highly chambered - yep, from what I can tell because it thumps right when I tap it and it's light. Aged binding - yep, I don't like bright white Chrome - yep, I don't like gold Sparkly - oh yeah Don't know how many there are...but they were "limited." It's not a BZ jet, but I'm happy so far.


Another with the flash to get better colour and flake perspective.


Got it a few days ago. Ran it through my Musicman HD 130. And a 12" Celestion. I'll never go back to humbuckers.


BZ Silver Jet "flakes" up close ...


Sorry ... here it is.

– Brian_66

Yeah, wow just about covers it

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