Billy Zoom's Jet Set

BZ, indeed a really nice guy.


Just wanted to say thanks and share a "GDP Moment." I ordered some low profile Melita screws from Billy and in the process asked about the correct pickguard color for my 57 Jet Firebird. I just was hoping for information so I could eventually get around to getting a repro someday. I didn't hear back on the pickguard question and figured he was just busy and hadn't had time to respond. When the screws arrived, though, a silver pickguard was in the bag with them. Simple, thoughtful, and cool.


That's great!

Billy's a straight shooter with a ton of humor. It's fun to have him here.


I've had the privilege of having BZ work on a number of my Amplifiers. Every time I go in to his Custom Shop, I learn something. He always goes the extra mile, when He is involved with a project, you know its been done right. A true American Craftsman and a Nice Guy Thanks Billy

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