Billy Zoom's Jet Set

Billy Zoom guitar setup


Pin the brigge if you're too much of a cissy for screws.
The pickguard was some celluloid-ish plastic sheet that John found somewhere. It was thin though so I put 1/16" clear Plexi over it. It's easy if you have a jig saw. He had it for a few years, but he sweats so much the screws eventually rusted away and it started to fall off and got trashed. It was one of those early Jazz basses with the stacked pots.


Billy, I noticed the early jets like yours have a different style of bigsby with a tension bar, and later jets and reissues do not have it, is there a reason for the change and a benefit one way or the other?


Also, just pulled the trigger on an Embie concepts synchrosonic bridge after your glowing recommendation, comes with the flat screws already


Changing the chords within 3 frets completely altered my performance. Unreal super improvement to my playing.

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