Billy Zoom's Jet Set

Billy Zoom article in Guitar World


While shopping I stopped by the magazine rack and had a look at the latest copy of Guitar World and there you were on page 110. It talked about our original rig. Was interesting to note your amp was a Traynor YBA-1 Bass Mate head.


Nothing wrong w kool early Traynor stuff --I'm a fan, had a few good ones


I am as well. Have owned 4 late 60's or early 70's Traynors. I still have a YGM-3 Guitar Mate Reverb.


traynors were good for guys on a budget..fact that bz had smarts to make it sound better, is only to his credit!...



An I going to have to read this to see how correct it is? How many words is it??


When I met John, he had the worst bass amp I'd ever heard, but I used his Traynor head to record because it distorted so much more than any amp I owned.


Billy, I read the article but didn't buy the magazine. The article covered the whole page.


That amp doesn’t look like a YBA-1?


No it isn't a YBA-1, it is a YGL-1. Part of the article is a section of how to emulate Billy's original rig cheaply with today's equipment. The Jet also pictured is a G5230T Electromatic and they recommend replacing the bridge pickup with a T Armond.

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