Billy Zoom's Jet Set

Bass Control Capacitor change, .047uF to .01uF


Hey there Billy,

I plan on making this swap soon enough, received the .01uF caps yesterday.

A couple questions/comments:

1). This really has affect, looks like it moves the dip 300-500hz higher while giving all the lower frequencies a substantial boost.

2). You have commented that you prefer 10" speakers for their responsiveness...does that influence why you like the .1uF?

3). I have a Normal and a Bright Channel. My contrarian thinking tells me I might like this change more so in the Bright Channel. I find it extraordinarily Bright!

Any thought about that?

Thx in Advance...


I will...

The CVR is a different animal with the C15N baffle in place, ... that speaker has a nice, tight low end already.

The "Gretsch Super Bass 6157" is in the queue to have its first once-over... 3-prong plug, proper speaker cables, and a top to bottom component check to the original schematic.

I have needed a couple more Amps for a long time...

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