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An incidental X “sighting”


You don't see them, but you hear them.

I'd never seen the 80s movie Breathless, and from its description it seemed a mildly interesting choice among the OnDemand freebies from Cramcast last night. That's what it turned out to be. The 60s French film it remakes would probably be more satisfyingly noir, but this version manages to sustain interest in a pair of uniquely rendered and unlikely characters. That "what happens next" – or maybe "how will he get out of this corner" – quotient is pretty high.

Over the credits at the end, I heard a familiar voice and driven-to-the-walls guitar ripping up the Jerry Lee Lewis theme song ("Breathless"): I waited for the song credits to roll by, and sure enough, it was X.

Probably common knowledge, but it was a nice easter egg for me.


you can look up their appearance on David Letterman on youtube, the cover Breathless. nice performace.


The newish movie "The Kids are Alright" has "The New World" by X in the soundtrack.


I viewed the Breathless video from the Letterman show and was reminded that I had seen it before. But, I was struck by a couple of things during this viewing:

Billy has a keen sense of humor. Most of his postings on here are blunt, matter of fact responses to technical questions that people raise. But, he obviously enjoys having a good time as well.

And, his tone is a wonderful blend of clean and overdriven, if that makes any sense. It sounds almost clean, but has quite a bit of snarl to it. And he plays in tune; what a concept.


Right on Ric12. And for those missing billy's humor, they're really missing out.


Proteus wrote: The 60s French film it remakes would probably be more satisfyingly noir
Classic "noir" it isn't, not in the "crime/Dashiell Hammett/etc.." sense, not at all even, but I think it's a great movie worth seeing.


Yes, and beautifully shot!


That'll do. I'll bet the French architecture student will have an even stronger French accent, too.


Hmmm...have to admit I haven't seen the "remake", and there's no French architecture student in the original - one of the two main characters is an American girl with a fudge-thick American accent when she speaks French.


Ah, cute. In the remake, there's a French girl who's an architecture student in LA – and the actress apparently was such in fact. She has a charming accent.


The live version from Letterman is a better mix than the record or the soundtrack. Letterman had a much better engineer. I've forgotten her name. BZ


See, I guess I do get Billy's humor. I have made comment after Billy before and people say to me "That's not what he said." but I guess I got what he meant.

And, Heck yeah he rocks!


Au Bout De Souffle ('Breathless') is a great film, Proteus, I'm sure you'd love it. It's a riot. There's no way the protagonist in the remake could have been half as cool as the original, he's a sort of self-syled streetpunk-Bogart. Great cars in it too.



I just saw Proteus mentioned her.

That's what I get for immediately scanning for pics!



You are worried about us, and you're talking about a Richard Gere movie, while we're talking about a Belmondo movie?



The girl.

The girl.

I mean, that was a French girl if there was ever a French girl.



A classic of the French new wave ...

If I'm not mistaken, X's song is also in the credits of the Breathless "remake" starring Richard Gere. You can go ahead and skip that one except for the end credits!


And let's nt forget "Jack the Ripper" by Link Wray and The Wraymen, I believe it's in the scene where Richard Gere is driving to Vegas from LA, or vice versa. I could be wrong, it's been a while since I've seen it.



I don't get Suprdave's humor.


Suprdave is a highly misunderstood person, BZ. You needn't worry at all about not understanding his humor. His own wife and children don't get it either.

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