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How Much Would You Pay For a 2006 Gretsch 6120W Custom Shop


It's in excellent condition, and they are asking $5499.

I'm interested in knowing what you guys think its worth, and what a good price would be.


Without specifics it's a little hard to tell but generally speaking I'd be a buyer at under $5,000. Hope that helps but don't let it go if its something special in some way..


Would need specifics of the guitar but given that a really clean 6120 (yeah there are bunch of "different" 6120's) of that age could be had for $1500, I wouldn't consider any custom shop build - it wouldn't sound $4000 better in my hands. Good luck with your hunt.


Thanks guys. Here are the specs. Is it true that masterbuilt in the USA sounds no better than factory-built in Japan? I really appreciate your opinions.

Body: Arched Laminated Maple Top and Back Laminated Maple Sides Light Figuring in the Maple Grain 16" Wide, 2.75" Deep Bound Oversized "F-Holes" Hollow Contstruction with "Parallel Bar" Top Bracing High Gloss Nitrocellulose Finish Aged Multiple Body Bindings Gold Plexi Pickguard with "Chet Atkins" Signature "Vintage Western Maple" Stain "Rocking G" Wood-Burned Logo Gold Plated Control Knobs Neck: Two Piece Maple Neck with Walnut Center Stripe Bound Rosewood Fretboard 9.5" Fretboard Radius Medium Round Neck Shape Pearloid Block Position Markers with Western Motif Engraving Set In Neck Joint 24.6" Scale Length Aluminum Nut 1-11/16" Nut Width 22 Frets Gold Plated Grover "Sta-Tite" Open Back Tuners Bridge/Tailpiece: "Tru-Arc" Aftermarket Bridge Professionally Installed (Original Bridge Included) Gold Plated Bigsby Vibrato Tailpiece with Both Fixed and Pivoting Arms Included Pickups/Electronics: Two Custom-Wound Seymour Duncan "Dyna-Sonic" Single-Coil Pickups Three Position Pickup Selector Volume Control For Each Pickup, and Master Volume Control Master Tone Control Case/Extras: Original Hard Case Included Fixed and Pivoting Bigsby Arms Included Original Gold Plated Cast Aluminum Bridge Included


Sound is subjective, it is more accurate to say that the CS instruments are hand built and assembled by more experienced craftspeople under a master builders control. In my view and opinion they play better.


I agree, and I appreciate what you mean. In my view, if it's made in the USA, and costs more, then isn't that partly because USA workers are paid more?

In 2011 I saw a 2005 6120WCST USA custom built by Steve Stern listed at $4695 on ebay. I'm thinking somewhere between $3500 and $4500 is the sweet spot for a mint 2006 6120WCST Custom Shop.


No idea if the Gretsch Custom Shop workers are paid more but I know their rate of production is very small, maybe 100-150 guitars a year. So its whatever the 5-6 guys working in the CS make plus parts and some contribution to Gretsch overhead spread out over the revenue from that many guitars. And there is no doubt you pay a premium for the CS name. Its not for everyone but I'm a big fan.

Your sweet spot is a bit low but certainly go for it! I've spent in that range and higher for a used CS 6120. In today's market new CS 6120s go for $7,000 to $8,000 and more but in 2006 they were more in the range of $6,000 to $7,000


Por que, amigo?


Maybe Tavo was thinking what I was thinking?? I was imagining my wife's answer to the question of "How Much would you pay for (fill in the guitar name)." Her answer would be considerably different than mine. I've never played a Gretsch CS much as I like production I'm almost afraid to if they are that good.


I learned that this guitar has been for sale since at least 2012 with no takers, at Elderly and elsewhere. It was owned by a collector, who tried to sell it himself, then wound up trading it for another guitar.

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