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AB763 Fender “Band Master” output transformer change.


Hi, Billy,

output transformers on BF "Band Masters", are the weak point on those amps. Some people recommend swaping for a "Bassman" Transfo. Does the sound drastically get improved? Or will the amp stand better playing loud?

Thanks for your answer.


If you play it clean, you won't notice much difference. I you drive it into distortion, the bottom will be tighter and smoother. If you drive the stock transformer into distortion, it will eventually burn out.


Although they are underrated and prone to failing they sound awesome when pushed.I got one in '89 and abused it till I traded it in '95 to my friend who owned a rehearsal studio at the time.He went out of business in '07 and it was still going strong with the stock OT,can only imagine how it was abused in a rental studio.The amp is now owned by a harp player I know and still works fine,in fact I just re-capped two amps for him and he's bringing that amp and a reissue Bassman in a couple weeks for a re-cap.If you like the way it sounds stock,I would leave it till it actually fails.Although many do fail,some are tough as nails even with the stock OT.

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