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A site to lend a hand to our friend, Billy Zoom!


God bless Billy Zoom, I will have a Mass said for his recovery. I hope every one knows Our Pope Francis is into "Metal", how cool is that!


I don't know why God loves me, but I'm glad He does.


Probably recognizes you as a class act . . . best wishes for complete healing.


I'll be in when i get paid next, but i did put it out there on our FB page(10K followers) and tweeted it as well. Blessings and prayers continue to you from this corner!


Built this to benefit Mr Zoom's fight, I cant really auction it so whomever donates to the "gofundme" campaign for this cause in the amount of $301 (and can prove it) today, gets this custom Dynobrain. Its the antithesis of sparkly and shiny, rather I spent some quality time "heavy relic'ing" it. Mind you, its brand new through and through. The art is a deconstructionist labor of punk love. Its not cheap but thats the point, could just give to the fund.. but by creating this and offering it, we double the efforts of helping fund Billy's battle. please email me ((thenocturnebrainseltzerATgmailDOTcom)) to let me know immediately, I'll get it in the mail to you via USPS priority shipping (and erase this post too). This is a prebuilt pedal, no waiting as it is something I took the time out to get done for this campaign.


Great idea about the pedal Tavo. But why not auction it? Or is ebay a nasty place for that kind of thing? I'm a bit of a fool on ebay.


Powdog at Cave Valley Amps has a nice little prototype of a Gretsch 6150 style amp that we're thinking of auctioning on ebay. When we've added some graphic art to the control panel and put her suit on, we'll be posting info about it here....may call it the Super 8 Playbird or something else pithy!


Great idea about the pedal Tavo. But why not auction it? Or is ebay a nasty place for that kind of thing? I'm a bit of a fool on ebay.

– Vince_Ray

Maybe Tim wants to handle it for the GDP? Kinda weird for me to auction it off, if there is no actual agency that is immediately funded after the auction closes. I've done auctions in the past but when it closes the funds would go straight to St Judes, etc.

Any ideas would be helpful.

btw// I actually thought someone would step up to the plate on this. I think some go to the gofundme site and take a look at the money raised and think that its a success when they see numbers (and they are great numbers indeed, hallelujah) but in this case cancer is very very expensive and as Billy has shared in other threads, he has a family to take care of in the process of treatment and healing.


This all hits close to home...

Billy has so many sending their thoughts.

That's Very Good Stuff!

A great positive wave...


The four nights in Santa Ana where among the very best X shows I have ever seen.

Night One - World's A Mess...

Night Two - Adult Books

Night Three - Under The Big Black Sun

Night Four - I See Red


Great clips Chris, thanks for those. Really sharp camera work!



Do you have these whole shows on video?

Loving what you captured so far.


This is just stuff I found on the internet. I don't know where they come from. People in the audience with cell phones I guess.


Just saw X in Philly.

They were great, but they weren't Billy Zoom great.

Got the loudest applause tonight when John Doe talked about you, saying that you're going to get better!

You got lots of love out here, man.


So this is the amp that Vince and I are planning to auction off. Complete except for its skin. We were thinking red and black, like his Super8 amp. Also thinking maybe let the winning bidder choose the Tolex color/s. Thoughts?

I was planning on spreading the word thru social media such as this site and Facebook, and auctioning the amp on eBay. Pretty big audience, which is great since we're trying to raise as much as possible. Once again, thoughts?

The amp is my take on a Gretsch 6150. Slant front cabinet made from 3/4" dovetailed pine with a 1/2" Baltic Birch baffle.


Here's the back of the cabinet showing the amp circuit. Built true to the 6150 schematic, I used Classic Tone transformers which were one of the original sources used by Valco. I was going to use a smaller cabinet and made the amp chassis tiny to fit, but ended up going bigger. I also used carbon comp resistors and ceramic disc capacitors, like the original. I was gonna solder point to point, but used a turret board instead. This will allow the new owner to easily experiment with different caps and resistors if he wants to.

The Weber speaker is the last of the 10F100's. They've discontinued making these, but put together two for me with some remaining components. I think this is as close as you can get to a vintage Jensen C10R.


The amp has its skin. Just waiting for Vince's amazing artwork.


Good choice on the covering - "Leather Jacket Silver"!

Cool-looking amp, post the link to the auction when it's up.


As I explained to Vince, this was my inspiration for the Tolex job.


Wow! That's the first time I saw the amp with it's jacket on. We've been looking at loads of two tone combinations of tolex and but this idea was just sitting there waiting to be found!

The faceplate is at the printers and has a real old Valco vibe but with a bit of a twist. Hoping the amp will appeal to fans of that style but we're not making a 100% facsimile. The amp will sound pretty much in the territory of the original, plus Powdog has put it together cleverly to allow some custom tweaking.

In a few day's time, we'll start a new thread for this to help spread the word and get the auction rolling.


Great idea about the pedal Tavo. But why not auction it? Or is ebay a nasty place for that kind of thing? I'm a bit of a fool on ebay.

– Vince_Ray

Okay I have followed Vince's advice and the auction for this relic Dynobrain is on.. I'll start an auction page in the classifieds section but you can follow this link to bid.

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