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A site to lend a hand to our friend, Billy Zoom!


You got it! Thanks for posting, Josh.


I gave my small bit. Hey Billy I was diagnosed with the same thing 5 years ago. I had reconstructive surgery and I am now cancer free and living life to the full. You still have a "journey " ahead of you and Billy if there is any way I can help with advice or just if I can be someone to buddy up and talk you through stuff, please drop me a PM. In my experience it was the lack of information from the doctors and the hospital that made things unnecessarily difficult. If I had someone around who had been through what I was experiencing it would have been a great help.


Every little bit helps, I did my part, everyone rally for Billy!


Gotta kick in for The King of the Silver Jet.

Don't forget a relatively new foundation -- I work for a similar type of advocacy organization but in a different medical field. Was going to do some volunteer work for this group (local to me) but didn't quite connect.


Has anyone asked Billy if this is a valid fundraiser?

Forgive my suspicious nature, but I did not see his name as the host, and did not recognize the host's name.

Perhaps someone can reach out to Billy to verify?


Best wishes for a great recovery, Billy!!


I'm in. Feels really good seeing how much was raised in just one day.

Good Luck, Billy!


I'm in. Best wishes to you, Billy!


Let it keep going. Bless his heart.


$51,086.00 of $50k

Hope that helps!


Thanks for posting. BZ will keep smiling, but let's push that total higher.


From Billy's manager, and Billy:

Hey Gang, A big heartfelt thanks for me and the X gang! Zoom was pretty moved. He went home and wrote this last night after the show. Thanks again. Really. You all made a difference! Mike

My family and I are overwhelmed and deeply humbled by the outpouring of money, love, and support that we’ve received over past 24 hours. Facing months of cancer treatment is tough, but not as tough as worrying about taking care of my family through it all. We still hadn’t completely recovered financially from my last bout with cancer and I really wasn’t sure, aside from lots of prayer, how I was going to manage to keep our home and family together through this. Our twins turned nine years old last week, and I’ll be missing our entire touring season this year because of my treatments.

Our most heartfelt thanks go out to those of you who have contributed to our wellbeing so that our energies may be concentrated on beating this and reassuring our children that their daddy is going to be ok.

Again, heartfelt thanks to all of you from myself and my family. BZ


Truly a man of talent, warmth, and integrity. All the best Mr Zoom...


Glad to help, Billy. Beat that sucka!

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