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Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! Rogue Beatle Bass


About a week ago, this was a MF Stupid Deal for $149. The inner Sir Paul in me just had to have it. It's a pleasent surprise. Intonation was right on. I lowered the action a little. Great looks, sounds fine, love the short scale and it has inspired me to learn more bass runs. Lots of fun to play. I only play some simple bass when I record, so I have lots to learn. I have a set of La Bella Flatwounds ordered for it. Thump, thump, thump.


Nice! I thought about grtting one, but have too many other things going on at the moment. Our bass player has a Jay Turser which I`ll bet is the same thing.


I have an affinity for short scale basses. I love my 2210 and my short scale Squire Jaguar bass was also excellent.

I saw the SDOTD and I figured someone on the pages would get one. Congrats.


Fab little bass, I've always got a hankering for the Epi Viola bass, seen so many pro bass players using them live these days. Had the Harley Benton Beatbass version but sold it before a house move, strung with flats they are great little things. Hope to pick up another variant in the Jan sales. :)


Thanks Bear. Your little Gretsch looks great. What I didn't mention: the first bass I received had some scratches below the control panel. I coulda lived with that, but there was another issue. On certain notes (frequencies) the neck pickup rattled in the cavity. I couldn't adjust the rattle out, so I returned it. This one is fab.


I bought the same bass a few years back. I put some cheap fender flats on it and was pleasantly surprised how good it sounds. I still have it and am very happy with it.


i check the Stupid Deal every day and i didnt see that bass , for 149 i would have bought one ,,,,,, dang


I also check the Stupid Deal every weekday. This must have fallen on the weekend.

Good score!


I have a low end Hofner. I am amazed at the low end it's got! I love it! I was sworn by my jazz bass before.


Even at the regular price it's not a bad deal. The low end Hofner is more than double the price. I wouldn't be surprised if MF has an after Xmas deal, they had 15% off but it ended today.


Congrats on the Beatle bass, Bob. I've had an Epi Viola bass for almost 10 years . . . I have her strung up with Rotosounds flats. Great tone from that little sucker through my Vox T60.


Yeah, aren't they nice? This is mine; an older, Korean one. It sounds as good as it looks, and it's the one I play most often, especially since my left arm and shoulder were damaged a couple of years ago. It's the easiest to play without a lot of pain.


Congrats on the new bass. It sounds like you got a great deal. I have always liked this bass design. I own an Epi Viola, and love it.

Enjoy the low end thump!



I think I see why Paul took to this style bass. The shorter scale is so much easier to handle for a guitar player. I've been having a great time learning some new things on this little beauty. I used it for the bass track on a song I recorded recently, just to see how it came through in the mix. It sounded great, but I'm reserving a track for when it's strung with flatwounds. I have high expectations for that sound. :) (Meanwhile, back to the Lady Madonna bass pattern...what fun!)


Ballad of John and Yoko is another cool bass run tune,,,,, love that song


Didn't he record most songs with a Ric, after the first few albums?


yeah ,,, and if i recall after Paul retired the Hofner he was doing something with Elvis Costello , and Elvis said only if you use the Hofner , and he has been with it ever since


Didn't he record most songs with a Ric, after the first few albums?

– Jeffrey Osowski

Didn't he record most songs with a Ric, after the first few albums?

– Jeff O(ps Singular)

He switched to the Rickenbacker either during or immediately after Rubber Soul. I don't hear much persuasive evidence of the Rickenbacker on that album save for Think For Yourself.

The Rickenbacker's arrival was announced loud and clear on the Paperback Writer/Rain single. Also, during the recording of that single, George Martin finally threw the EMI pop-recording standards manual out the window and stopped squashing the bass.



I think I see why Paul took to this style bass. The shorter scale is so much easier to handle for a guitar player. --rockabillybob

It's also much easier to sing and play at the same time when you don't have to be concentrating on making long reaches. When I first got in a band, I was on bass -- had a Rickenbacker and a Fender Jazz -- and I could not coordinate singing and playing to save my soul. Got a Hofner and it changed everything.



I paid $250 back when they first came out, plus a $100 for the case. You got a helluva' deal my friend! I slapped a set of Thomastik-Infeld JF324 flats with pearl button knobs, and Schaller strap locks to keep it off the floor. It's one fine little bass, though it stays in the case for the most part these days.

My SX Jazz is always on my rack, so it tends to be my go-to more often... Only due to my lazy-ass-ness!

Good for you though, enjoy!


Bob , put the tea cup knobs on and it will make that guitar Pop !!


Flatwounds make this Rogue pop. I just got the La Bella "Beatle Bass" (.39-.96) flatwounds from JustStrings last night. Put them on this morning. I've never been hooked on playing bass...till now. :D


Link... your Rogue sure is a lot different than this one ,, i like the fact you have a bound neck , and a darker shade of burst ,,,, i think i would get a rogue over a hofner cause of the bound neck,,,, confused

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