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So this happened today (CNC Tele Content)


My new boss has a custom cabinet and furniture shop, and he lets me come in and build stuff on the weekends. The focal point of the shop is a 48"x96" CNC router for carving cabinet doors en masse.

Of course, the moment I saw that thing I got Tele-shaped stars in my eyes. I've been working on my CAD skills, and I put them to the test today.

It's not fair how easy this is. Having made guitars before via band saw and router, I had shelved any dreams of becoming the next Leo Fender. No longer. I'm not taking customs orders just yet, but I plan to make a lot of these.

Soon enough I'm going to move on to my own design, but I started with the Tele because it's so well documented. Now to work on my neck technique (a lot more difficult because both sides need to be routed).


After routing, all it took was some sanding


And more sanding


I just put on the first coat of Tru Oil. It really brings out the coloring in this cypress. Pardon the crappy photos.

For the record, I went from a rectangular board to applying finish in just a couple hours. I can't recommend this five-figure machine enough.


It sure is! This was just a scrap of cypress lying around the shop. Luckily a cabinet-maker's scrap is more than enough for a Tele.


It's nice when you've got the proper tools, isn't it?


Indeed! All the hard work is on the computer, which is something I'm good at. I really want to start making Dano style bodies. The mill that supplies the shop has some nice veneers I could use for tops.


Tele looks cool, but...

...I thought you were a geologist?


Tele looks cool, but...

...I thought you were a geologist?

– crowbone

He rocks.


After routing, all it took was some sanding

– Otter

Exellent job pal. Can you make a Mosrite body too?


I am still a geologist. Like I said, this is on the weekends.


Beautiful! Let us know when you are ready to take commissions. I have ideas. A tweaked teardrop...


Nice work!
That's a great machine to have hanging around the house.... ; ) It took me a bit longer to build my Tele....


Good for you!

Does "The Boss" like Tele/Esquire-style guitars?


Cool, now just load the file for the neck....


Otter, that is very cool !! Remember all your friends here when you start 'taking orders' !


Very Nice! Looks BEAUTIFUL!!


I do have some CAD drawings of the neck, but it's quite a bit more complicated. Because the neck is carved on both sides and the machine only routes one side, you have to be very precise about recentering the piece when you flip it. The machine doesn't know where the piece is, only where the cutter head is relative to the corner of the table. I'm working on designing a jig to facilitate flipping the piece within the same coordinate system.

Believe me, you guys will be the first to know if I ever start mass production.


I couldn't help myself. Needs a black guard I think.


God that looks like fun!


Whatever the color of the pick guard, the oil finish is fantastic!


Wetsanding between coats, starting to shine. You can barely see the reflection of my Casino and the lamp above it. Still a long way to go

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