The Bass-ment

What took so long?


Anyone know anything about these guitars? There is one for sale near me for $100 and it looks kinda cool but i know harmony has a bad reputation.


Old Chicago made, or new Korean? Looks like a real cheap Jazzmaster/strat hybrid shape sort of?

I had a Kay that was a lot like a Bobcat, but only one pickup.

I'd spring $100 for the nostalgia trip if I had it.

I like the new Stratotones.

The ones I'd avoid are the old archtops with set necks. You can do a lot if it's a bolt-neck to get 'em playable.


I had an old mid 60's Rocket that I liked. I wish I still had it.


if you are looking for inspiration/motivation for parting with $100 look no further than the band Obits... surf rock that rules and the lead singer playes a bobkat


just a quick google cuz I didn't know what a bobkat looks like. and I see a beat up 60's bobkat going on ebay for $499
Ebay Bobkat

If nothing else it would make a cool project.


Thanks guys great info and that band the orbits is pretty damn cool. It looks like im too late though when i woke up this morning the ad was gone. Oh well im sure it would have been cool but i have too many guitars as it is.

The same guy has this for sale for $85 but i have no idea what it is.



This was My first guitar. The Bobkats were really cool, and pretty good players too.


Thats the one partsman the only difference was the red part was more orange/yellow and it said harmony on the headstock.


Those gold-foil DeArmonds were great sounding pickups. I played a Harmony Rebel just like the one pictured and it sounded and played terrific.


Nearly bought one of those bobcats a few years ago. Only thing stopped me was the narrow neck. Didn't feel big enough, or substantial enough. Great pickups though. It was the kind of guitar that would have rewarded upgrades, had some great sound to start. MD

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