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Wanted: Vox Phantom IV Bass Logo


I need a high resolution picture of the Vox Phantom IV pickguard logo to create a decal for a friend's bass. The logo was originally embossed into the plastic in black, but a decal should make a presentable substitute.


Is this it? If so, why make a decal? Looks simple enough to just trace it onto the guard and then darken it, make it permanent by going over it with a black Sharpie.

Here's a link to the page where the image is fairly large: Link


Thanks, Spiritwalker. I already found that pic (in fact, tried in vain to post it in this thread for several days). It turns out, my bass player friend has the original and I can scan and process the pic with Photo-Paint. I've already done one for a Tornado and it looks sharp. The decal will look more high-speed than a marker tracing and also hold up a lot better.

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