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Two things I’ve never done (Jack Casady bass related)


I'm taking the plunge to do two things I've never done - buy a bass guitar, and buy a guitar made sometime in this century. I'm thinking of getting a Jack Casady bass, holding out for a blue one (which seem to be back ordered at several places.) There was some past discussion on this bass, all positive - any new thoughts? And any suggestions for where to get one?


I have a Casady bass which I am very fond of. Can't say where to find a blue one, but my goldtop plays beautifully. The low impedance pickup can get sounds ranging from warm, woody, almost acoustic to gnarly and overdriven, with many points in between. Very versatile.

Jack himself uses them bone-stock, which I consider a pretty hefty endorsement.


This is where I dutifully mention that I have the guitar version by Epiphone, in gold, yclept Les Paul Signature. I likes it, I does.


The Casady bass I believe has always been highly regarded. But I get the impression that many new Epiphone models are giving Gibson guitars significant competition, and are not quite “secondary”. Partly from discussions here, and other things I read. Still, I’ll be getting this bass without ever playing one, so it’s worth asking.

(And Tim: I’m pretty sure that your reply was first time in the history of the world that “yclept Les Paul” was ever used in a sentence.)


How about Cherry?

I've had mine for 4 years or so. Nicely presented, simple, wide range of tone.

Too many times you will see one being played by a Bassist you know as a second instrument.

It's not a P-Bass alternative, it has its own sound.

I use Roto88 Black Tape strings, too.


The cherry version is really nice too. Since I started a quest for the Pelham Blue version I've found that Epiphone is backordered and won't start shipping them again until December!!

To get one sooner it looks like I'll need to find a shop that may still have one in stock. Everyone seems to be out. (Just missed getting one at a shop about an hour away from me, it was sold a day or two earlier.)


I’m pretty sure that your reply was first time in the history of the world that “yclept Les Paul” was ever used in a sentence.


If there's one thing (among many) I don't need more of, it's basses, so seldom do I play them. But a feller caint help thinking that a bass of the same design as one of his guitars couldn't be a bad thing. If these Epijacks come in goldtop gold, and I was in the right vulnerable mood, perchance I couldn't withstand the tug of temptation.

And Jack Casady is an honorable bassist to honor. I have oft honored his many honorable basslines. He's certainly all over 30 Seconds Over Winterland, frinstance. While the Airplane kinda deconstructs as somehow more than the sum of its parts, instrumentally speaking, Jack's is a fundamental and perhaps more excellent part than some of the others. It's hard to imagine Airplane without him.

Well wait...that's just most of Jeff Starship, right? No need to imagine.


So I go looking, and what do I espy? Of COURSE it comes in gold. Not at all hard to find. Maybe I'll hold out for used, and see if I'm still motivated. I do like all the tones I hear from it.

OK, maybe I'll get one.


BUT WAIT, that's not all. When you go looking for a Casady bass, I submit it gets none more better than this one...

his Alembic 6, as likely used (according to wiki) on Thirty Seconds, and (according to the Ebay seller) on Blows Against the Empire. Heady stuff there. Foundations of worlds. Downright Yggdrasilian.

And only 35,000.00. Which seems a lot.

But still, the history, the provenance, the condition. Beast!


This rather makes a statement.


I put a set of the Dunlop Roundwound Nickel Wrap 55/115 on this weekend. Extra Heavy.

How long have these been in the market? They make a 60/120 set, too, hard to find. I put a set of those on order.

I've been looking for a heavy Roundwound set for years.

I think Proteus was searching for heavy Roundwounds a while back, it's that Chris Squire thing.

I liken it to "The Move" Bass tone heard on their later recordings then with Jeff Lynne.

Awesome...bring the Thunder!


"Downright Yggdrasilian" Wow! -I love the expression , but what does it mean?

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