The Bass-ment

The honeymoon ain’t over: could this be “the one”?


Bought this a couple years ago. Initial reaction was that I loved the fit/finish, the neck and the sound but the body felt too wide for comfort (very similar in size to an ES-335). Time passed and I adjusted and found myself playing it more and more. Dialed in the pole piece heights and started running it through a Hartke Bass Attack pre-amp and into my TC BG-250 115, allowing for extra fine-tuning of the tone: wow, and "oh, yeah"....that sealed the deal I suppose the relationship could turn sour and end in divorce down the road (if I can scrape together the price of a Thunder Jet...ya never know) but for right now? She's m'girl.


Reissue or original? They were popular basses in the 60s!


Saw a lot of people playing them Phil Lesh, Jack Cassidy, Chris Hillman. Alembic used them as the base (pun intended) for their magical mods. They do look cool!


That's a beautiful bass right there! It LOOKS like it sounds great.


"Reissue or original? "

It's one of the MIK "Newark Street" re-issues. The vintage ones in really nice condition are pretty much outside my budget (though I was severely tempted by an MIA, natural-finish, Bi-Sonic-loaded maple SF-II earlier this year). Was able to snag this one new (not "B"-stock or factory-refurb.) w/HSC at a pretty steep discount off street price for under $1K. Well worth it IMHO.

Factory demo of this bass:


Here is Casady playing his Heavily Alembic-modified "Yggdrasil" Guild Starfire II in 1969:

The bass was stolen later that year and, amazingly, recently returned to him recently. This is what it looks like now:



I bought one new in 1969 with 2 pickups precisely because Hillman and Casady played them. It was a great bass which was stolen from my garage in 1982.

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