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Thanks To This Group I Have A New Bass


No, it's not a Gretsch (Although I do have a Gretsch Baritone), but I first heard about the Kala U-Bass in this forum. I think it was Thomas who posted a video link. I checked out the link and was blown away. A few weeks later I tried one out (Mahogany) at my friendly, local guitar store. My wife was with me at the time and saw my reaction. Well, to cut to the chase, my Christmas Angel made sure the one I tried and loved was under our tree.
I still don't understand how such a big acoustic sound manages to come out of this little body. Whatever the magic is, it really works. So, thank you Thomas for turning me on to the U-Bass and thank you to the members of this group for being open minded enough to share information on other brands. It only underscores just how special the Gretsch "extended family" is.


You're welcome! Whenever the topic of acoustic comes up on Talkbass, Kala seems to be the answer, so I just passed it on ...


I've played with guys who use these, and their bass tone is impressive.


A somewhat hidden advantage is that the Kala bass is far easier on your back than a P or J bass.

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