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Squier Bronco Bass (Torino Red)



Gretsch G6120SSLVO '05 ..has upgraded tvjones T-armond (dynasonics) and duane eddy bigsby handle. original pkups and bigsby handle included w/ hardshell case. hoodoovoodooloung pinup girl on guitar like setzers.



Nooooo !!!

Oh, OK, you have another.


Wait, does logic apply here? I have 2 Setzer guitars...

there is no logical reason that I own 2 setzer guitars anyway. -- WIREDTURTLE here SINCE2002

Highly.....Logical. Good luck with the sale man.


In case you missed it on the other site. DANG YOU!!! Get THEE behind me TAVO! Tavo shall not tempt the Raye man!! I got to get off these forums. It is BEAUTIFUL and I wants it.

Smurf B of A. -- bombcityrocker

No shit. What a crock these banks are.


this was how it looked when I aquired it. I still have the tvjones classics that were in it with the gold surrounds and flat steel bigsby bar. the bridge is the stock ABR-1 that came with it.


That's a total drag, Tavo!


If I had the cash,I would help you out :) I´m sorry for you,Tavo!


The reality of modern finances are TOO real sometimes. I feel for ya, brother Tavo.


Dammit, Tavo, i'm with Voodooholly, if i could help you out, I would. What a beauty. Shame to see it go.


mehhh they are just possessions and I mostly play my beloved '99 SSU and spectra sonic. thats more than enough nice gretsches to enjoy. This is the best looking one of course and an all '05 lacquer'd sig guitar, thus it will go faster.


I want it so bad.

Lets see, what do I have to sell. :P

Anyone want a '64 smoke green double annie?

'09 Gretsch G400B?


That's a shame, Tavo.

As a matter of interest, how easy is it to fit a Dyna to a SSLVO? My one might just need one.


Tsar... no its a pain in the ass and involves fabricating little wood risers (easily screwed in of course)and careful use of DeArmond 2K spacer rings. since the foam rings that come with the tvjones collapse into the pkup routes.

I installed the T-armonds so that one could easily return the filtertrons back to former glory if needed.


Awesome. I was bummed when I first read that you had to sell it. I enjoyed following your thread showing your pickup mod. Congratulations Jeff!

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