The Bass-ment

Slap GAS


Found this Engelhardt ES9 in need of a new home. 2hr drive to acquire. Is it just the GAS or am I really in need of this beast??


I’m thinking it’s calling you. Unique to say the least.


Pic of head stock..does this look like impact and crack?


Im very failure with cabinet refinish..the #art was done over original clear then cleared again.. Sanding down and a coat of laq or poli is in my wheel house..owner wants 750$ tohmastic strings knk pickups no cracks. And Halloween art...


I thought of Tim Burton's "Corpse Bride" when I saw that. Like what people say about mods---what you like may not be everyone elses cup of tea.


Ok, I think the finish is awful but removeable. A solid bass with decent strings and a quality pickup for $750 sounds good, though. I can’t make head nor tails from the picture you posted of the neck, unfortunately, so if you have a better quality shot, that would help a lot.


I went for it..what I tout was damage was hand wear. If you zoom in it appears to be damaged....


Artist.."little shop of customs" its growing on me...need GK1001 n 410 next..ha


Congratulations! That damage is nothing to worry about, those things are big and get dinged up easily. Enjoy!


That’s convenient for smaller cars.

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