The Bass-ment

shameless plug for my Steinberger Synapse bass for sale on the ‘Bay…


I've never been so well-balanced as when playing this headless bass - no neck dive, nice and light when hanging from a strap while standing.


(...nothing from the Gretschies but the sound of crickets...)


Whadya gotta do to get a comment 'round here - post spam on stewed tomatoes?


Nice Bass. I had a Cort copy at one time that was crap but I hear that these are great. Best of luck in the sale.


Thanks, Suprdave. You're a gentleman and a scholar. Money-wise I'm down but not out. A couple of recent outlays set me back but this sale will recoup those and then some.


Good luck on the sale. There's a lot to be said for a Steinberger. Easy on the back is a really important thing to consider.


I’ve got a Synapse guitar. The basses are much more expensive.


I’ve got a Synapse guitar. The basses are much more expensive.

– hammerhands

Food for thought, hammerhands. I first had it listed at $AUD1,500. Maybe I should go back up. Oh, well. C'est la vie.


Good luck on the sale. There's a lot to be said for a Steinberger. Easy on the back is a really important thing to consider.

– wabash slim

Back-ease and balance were my first considerations in buying the Synapse, slim. I'll be sorry to see it go...but someone else's back will benefit. And the active EMG tone augmented with piezo brightness is another key factor in favour of it.


I remember when Steinberger's first came out, I was intrigued by the graphite/carbon fiber construction. Carbon fiber was just beginning to be used in consumer products, and was somewhat of a mystery to many of us. I've had the pleasure of owning a Steinberger guitar, but not a bass. It really is an excellent design, sadly, my Steinberger guitar was stolen in 2011. Best of luck on the sale, and thank you for bringing it to our attention


Reminds me of my Kramer headless base. Good luck.


Thanks for your comments and best wishes with the sale, Wade H and Baba Joe. Yes, the original Steinberger bass was revolutionary in its minimalistic design and high-tech materials, that's for sure. Balance-wise and in terms of weight it made perfect sense, of course. Needless to say, it polarised opinion amongst "purists" and its modern-day, slightly-larger-bodied counterpart still does today. I've owned and enjoyed the baritone version of the 6-string guitar model, too, with the built-in sliding capo. Quite a buzz to play. It was a wrench parting with that one as well, believe me, two or three years ago. We all know that feeling, huh? Although the affluent or addicted amongst us just keep adding to their collections it seems. I know what it's like to be afflicted with GAS.


Update: Steinberger Synapse 4-string bass (& amp, etc) reduced to $AUD1,000 (approx. $US740 at present rate of exchange). Local pickup only for any Aussies watching. Some Melburnian's gonna get the bargain of the century...and it may be me.


My favourite things about my guitar, which this model shares:

The output jack is recessed into the body so you can use a regular straight cable even when sitting on a couch.

It really stays in tune very well over long periods of time, if the temperature remains constant.

It can use regular strings as well as double-ball strings.

The arm for the strap has a very good strap button design.

The allen keys for adjusting the bridge and fastening the regular strings stow away at the back of the guitar.

There’s a flip-out leg rest.

The bowling-ball fretboard is very good.

It says on the Steinberger website you can get different saddles for the bass, rosewood, graphite or aluminum.


Good detail there, hammerhands - especially photographically - makes my shots taken on an old iPhone look like I dropped it in the toilet. Thx for the boost to my sales-pitch:


SOLD - Thanks for the interest shown.

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