The Bass-ment

Oops I did it again !


1998 Warwick Corvette STD 4 I've been holding back on you Folks ! Unlike Birdman , I try to conceal my obsessions - Sometimes. My one man - one bass thinking, didn't last to long. At least I tied . This was listed for sale over here a while back... and I waited and waited and waited . photos looked ok. Nobody bought the dam thing. One day I caved. The seller said it was bought new by the local church where he played ,and he was selling it for them . He preferd his Fender P bass anyway. So it ended up at my place. When I first started looking at basses , I thought this model almost looked vulgar , with that big round funky uper horn. But I'm a sucker for fancy wood , so what the hell , if nobody wants it , I'll take it her .


It looked good when I got too . But it needed a total set up. Way to much relief and I noticed the fretboard /neck was a little lifted on one side. I found a Stanely knife blade on one side in the neck pocket. Must be a Rock'n church. All was well after the sett up , why the blade - I don't know These early German Corvettes have a Bubinga body and I guess they where either 1,2 or 3 pieces, this one is 2 as far as I can tell .


The neck is a nice 3 piece Wenge , with a Wenge fretboard . I can not see the seam between the fretboard neck , looks like the same piece of wood but it can't be. Well done Warwick. The neck size fooled me , It felt big , but it is Jazz Bass size - slim with a chunky/very round profile. MEC jazz pu's , passiv, no battery . Tone - Balance - Volume. Strap locks ! There no way around it here, they are recessed. So she won ,and has got her dedicated strap . Must admit -I'm never worried about iher falling to the floor


OK , this bass feels built like a tank . Oil her up , she can handle scratch. All thought sleek ,slim and not very big in size, it feels like its made of Gold when you pick it up . I bet it would sink if thrown in the river. 4.7 kg. It took me a little while to get use to the looks ,weight and playing style, and some days it still feels awkward . But it has grown on me ,and the sound- Acoustic it sounds like a Steinway piano. It is so solid. And it sounds great to my ears plugged in too. Think I'll hang on to it a little longer.


Yup, that's a beauty. I have a bubinga-bodied Kramer 350 aluminum-neck from back in the proverbial day - and, yes, it's got heft. But man is it stable and responsive.

The wengewood neck on the Warwick is gorgeous - as is the body wood. The shape is ok by me; it says "classy futuristic bass" in a way by now time-honored. Bassists have proven more receptive to alternate and even extreme body shapes than guitarists, and Warwick helped lead the way toward that.

That'ere's a wholly honorable instrument, and yes to its stability, punch, and grand-piano articulation. You makes me want one.


Dreamy! I have a Corvette Warwick Rockbass, and other than the name "Rockbass" I love it. Yours is the bass I wish mine was! The Rockbass is like the Electromatic of, but not "the real thing." You are a lucky duck!

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