The Bass-ment

NRBD • Today I am a re-man.


my acquisitive-lust system may have reached a more-or-less lasting equilibrium.

Do you think so? Is there hope for us addicts? Should we find a meeting or something?


Blonde is really nice...

I remember the one Martin playing in 1975 being Cream White. I like that, too.

Nothing about the quasi-Sunburst you have now to fret about...

Again, good for you!


Oh....I'd take a Firebglo in a flat NYC second! Congrats again Proteus...happy it is working out.


Should we find a meeting or something?

Oh man. I thought the GDP was the meeting. Did I get the wrong room?

Just look at the "admiration" on the face of the audience member off to the left....

Yeah, that's what they told me! Isn't the slogan Chicks dig Rics? Alas, it hasn't exactly worked that way with my wife. She just said "how much?"

Thanks to everyone for your appreciation of my Ricquisition. I really have wanted a Ric bass for decades, in a low-simmering but reliable way, in the past tempered by my half-fear that it's really too much bass for me (a fear cured by having proven to myself I can manage the White Falcon bass, which is both bigger and more majesticker) - and my realistic appraisal of my actual non-need or use for one.

But, in a probable symptom of aging and respect for mortality, I kinda thought the wish was more valuable to me than the money, at least for the time being. I may be selling it someday to pay for health care, but in the meantime it's a satisfying artifact.


Like a Fender Precision or Jazz bass, a Rickenbacker bass records really well.


For me, personally, there’s the Jamerson bass tone and the Rick bass tone. No ‘tweens necessary. (Exception being the “breathy”-ness that my beluvvid G5442 adds to the Jameson end of things). But it’s immediately obvious to me which of those that a given song dictates and in every instance, its opposite has been a poor substitute.

Good on ya, Tim. Nuthin’ like it.


And saying so just ‘coz, that pic in the above post was tooked before I tracked down the elusive gold truss rod cover. Now I just need to scare up the nerve to mount all of the necessary viscera onto this here...

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