The Bass-ment

NGD - Fender P Bass Special


I'd been looking for a bass for the last while, leaning towards a P bass, maybe a PJ-type bass like the Squier Vintage Modified PJ bass, or the Jaguar PJ. Then I got thinking that a Jazz bass neck would be nice.

I researched whether such a model existed in the Fender catalogue, and lo and behold, it does. Not only that, there was a used one on sale at a Long & McQuade in Pickering (just east of me in Toronto), and I just happened to be going through Pickering that week (which I almost never do).

The planets aligned, and this baby came home with me. A MIM Fender Precision Special. 2015, I think.

It had been in their rental dept, so it was marked down a couple hundred, plus one of the volume pots was wonky, so they knocked a few more dollars off it. The pot was fixed under warranty, and I got the free set up, and put a set of D'addario flatwounds on 'er.

Bass-ically, I couldn't be happier.


It’s nice when the planets align. Congrats


Nice. Congrats.

My ideal P, (for me anyway), is a P body, split pickups, ‘51 style scratchplate, J neck with the ‘51 Tele style headstock.


Congrats Jim,cool bass!

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