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newby to forum with old bass


i have owned my old beast since about 1971 & have played it regularly since then but am curious as to its age & model ser no 61576 can any of you out there help? with thanks Rob


Not without more info and some pictures.:D


If I am reading the serial number chart correctly, it does appear to be a 1971 model.


Robert welcome to these pages. I'm sure you will find what your looking for here


Welcome to our addiction, Robert. Pic's would help.


Thats the problem when i check against the serial no lists it comes out 1971 but i bought it second hand, i know first digit month June, next year 71 then batch no 576 but i know its older than that


Thats it propped up next to my old steam job


Welcome, RobEd. I expect someone will be along to help soon.


You don't mean Gretsch Beast (BST). That was a late 70s thing, maybe 1977-79?


I Just call it the Beast Didn't know Gretsch made one called that & No not that Robert Smith


Just looking at the serial nos again could it be1963 as 53000 to 63000 = 1963 only just found that but number is stamped on the top edge of the head.


If Only!.I could take the credit but it wouldn't get me the pay cheque, just a lowley giging enthusiast is all but i do love what i do ;-)


RobEd- Welcome to the GDP! This is a great place to be!



Just off this lunchtime to do my last gig until after Christmas so Merry Christmas to all


That'sa 6070 bass made fromj '63, thru about '72 and was only special order at the end. I have had one of those. Serial numbers were moved off heasstock top in mid 60s


Thanks for that i had about convinced myself it was a 63 model i have a 1972 Framus Nashville limited edition as well that i bought new as you can see i don't swap around much if it works stick with it is me. Happy New Year


Happy New Year to you, Mr. Smith. (such an unusual name):D


RobEd, I don't think that DCBirdMan was saying that it was built in 1963; instead, he was saying that those basses were built between 1963 and 1972. As I noted earlier, I read the serial number chart to place that bass as having been made in 1971. Perhaps you have other information about the history of the instrument that would shed some further light on when it was made.


I bought her in 1971 for £70 & she was no way a new girl, but i found a serial no list recently that said 1963 nos 53000 to 63000 so assumed they were saying 1000 instruments made that year or by adding an extra 0 100. but she is an old girl & plays a dream the only mod i made was to replace the bridge with an ebony one but still on the original adjusters got a much lower action & better tuning accuracy. Happy New Year


We really need more, better pics, but if the serial is on top of the head, and there's no "Made in USA" on it, I think that would be consistent with '63.

At least until Ed tells me I'm wrong.

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