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New Upright - Shen SB100


Let me know if any of you guys have an extra lying around that you would be willing to sell. Thanks!


Link... here ya go street sounds for 70 bucks. i looked for a long time there ain't a lot of these around and I don't think you will find one for cheap


Yeah, I thought that they ran around $70. Rocky is great to work with too! Love dealing with that guy! Thanks!


Plenty on ebay too, both for cut as non-cutaway body styles. I recently bought one for my 1939 Synchro 300 but still not installed

I'm pretty sure Paul Setzer would make you one

The reissues are very well made from translucent material and nicely bound - it would be impossible for anyone to make something like that by hand unless you spend at least triple the money. Would be very hard even to find the tortoise sheet material in this long size.

Paul has a template for an original old one (shape is slightly more elongated on the vintage example) but cannot make them in clear tortoise with binding. His ones are transparent, which is super if you want to keep seeing the catseye holes and still have a guard on it.

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