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NAD & New Setzer Upgrades For My Jr. Jet Bass


I just got my new pickguard and TRC decal for my bass from Paul and they look terrific, as if they could look anything but terrific with Paul making them.

The amp is my new Peavey Max 115 II with 300 watts going into a 15" speaker and a tweeter that you can turn on or off. It sounds freaking awesome. I scared the hell out of the cats... :D :D :D

I've had the amp about a week, but I wanted to wait to show it until I prettied up my bass. Here is a little photo montage with the first picture showing the bass as it came from Gretsch. I had Paul elongate the pickguard by one inch because the stock one was too short for my pinky to rest on when using a pick instead of fingers. Cosmetically it was also a major improvement IMHO.


You could shine a diamond!


Looks great!!! congrats & enjoy your new amp too!!!


Thanks guys. I love the way the pickguard virtually disappears on the bass. Paul painted the underside of the clear guard black to add depth and it paid off in spades in my opinion.

I'm really pleased with the Peavey amp as well. It has a ton of tone altering features with one of them being what they call Psycho-Acoustic Effect Switch.

From the owner's manual: "Nearly everyone has seen an optical illusion before. These illusions trick your brain into thinking that a still picture is moving, or that identical colors are different, or even make you think you see something that's not even there! The human ear is susceptible to psychological trickery as well! This is because humans hear certain types of sounds better than others, and also because humans generally enjoy hearing certain types of sounds and generally dislike others. This field of study id called 'psycho-acoustics'.

Humans do not hear low frequencies as well as higher frequencies. This means that as bass goes lower, more and more power is required. The MAX psycho-acoustics effect solves these problems by identifying extremely low notes, generating harmonics based on the notes, and then blending the harmonics with the original note, making the lows seem louder without eating up excess power amp headroom.

The bottom line: using the effect will make the lowest notes you can play sound unbelievably loud and clear. Practice with headphones is no longer a compromise. It even works with chords!"

HINT: For best results, try using the effect without boosting th LOW control to extreme settings. This will make the effect more apparent."

This effect is pretty amazing and another benefit is the fact that the higher notes do not sound quieter or softer than the low notes giving all the notes played superb clarity with equal volume. This psycho-acoustic effect is a grand slam for my ears. This is one terrific sounding amp. I am really pleased with it and Peavey reliability is legendary.

Next, installing the casters because this sucker is HEAVY!


Lookin' good Bear! Thnx for posting some photos of your rig.


Scare the cats! All you need now is a drum set.


Outstanding, Bear! Bring forth the thunder! 8-)

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