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Took delivery of a black 2220 Electromatic bass today. Pretty fair price for an instrument of this calibre. I own a variety of basses - Squier, Fender, Hofner, Rickenbacker and now the 2 PUP electromatic bass. I knew exactly what I was getting. My toughest decision was whether to get the single PUP or dual. Not sure, yet - if this will lead to more GAS in the Gretsch world. I have both long and short scale basses and the 2220 suits me perfectly. My personal tone is old school R&B/Soul - Motown and Stax. I find the bridge PUP adds a nasal tone I'm not totally in love with but mixed in just a bit with the neck PUP, I get the tone I'm going for. I find this to be exactly like the Hofner Beatle bass regarding the 2 pickup tones. I'll be reading the various posts here and see what's cooking.


Andy welcome to our world. I'm sure you will find it interesting Lonnie


Welcome to the Pages, Andy! :D


Wow. you guys are fast. Guess what - it's the 2220 instrument. How do I edit the original posting?

Thanks for the warm welcome. I'll get a picture or two up tomorrow night.


Right next to the 'Reply' button is a white triangle. Click on that and then you can edit your post.


Welcome Andy. I have some cousins named Marshman. hmm


There's a guy on the TDPRI (Telecaster) forum that uses a handle Marshman. I wrote to him but it's just a nickname someone hung on him and it stuck. There's a few of us far and wide in Canada and the US. One of them was an Indy driver - died at another track; I never knew him. I don't use Facebook (any more). I got an email from Jen, my daughter's name, inviting me to join Facebook. Turns out it wasn't my daughter...but after trading info we found out that we're both on the same family tree. Her dad is my distant uncle. After being send countless useless emails, I bailed on Facebook. I can waste enough time on music forums :-))


Hey Andy, the GDP and I bid you welcome. I have a black 2210 bass and I love it.


Welcome, Andy and congrats on the Gretsch.

Since you didn't post any pics, I Googled the 2220. Cool looking guitar but seemed to be missing 2 strings.

Anyway, welcome!!


Welcome, Andy!

We will require photos of all your basses, by the way. That's an impressive arsenal you've listed.

Hey, guys, be nice to Andy. He plays bass. We need all the bassists we can get around here. :D



Andy... welcome to the GreTsch addiction! a wonderful bunch of folks here! and some are sooooo knowledgeable....

pics are mandatory.... lol


Welcome to the GDP, from one Andy to another! :)


Welcome to the GDP Bienvenue. From the french part of the GDP


Welcome to the fray, Andy. Good to have you.


Welcome Andy. I am keenly interested in your observations about Gretsch basses. I don't have one yet, but can forsee the possibility of having one soon.


Welcome Andy. You might want to try one of the new Electromatic hollow body basses in single or double cutaway.



Welcome to the GDP! Pic's please.


Hi again everybody. Here's a quick iPhone shot of half the arsenal. The Tele bass is a conversion project - guitar fitted with a short scale neck and bridge from a Musicmaster bass.


Hi Andy,

Welcome to the coffee klatsch! :)

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