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New Amp plus extra Day


As a few of you might know, I'm predominantly a bass player. Lately I've been a bit discontented with my Fender Rumble 350. My Jazz bass didn't really sound good through it so I decided to look at something different. After a bit of shopping around I decided on an Ampeg PF-350 head with an Ampeg HE-115 cab. Loud enough for gigging, the Jazz, P-bass and my old Westone Concord sound great. Just had to wait a few weeks for the right cab to arrive. The beauty of this setup is the head stores itself in the speaker cab.

So last week I get a call that the cab has arrived, down I go to pick it up. See a familiar silhouette in the window. My dream bass, used by most of my idols/influences. Casually make reference to this to my wife while saying I'd have to sell a bit of gear to buy this but it's no big deal, I always wanted a Jazz, I got a Jazz. Well, she sorta got a bit pushy about and basically said, "Go out and buy the damn Ric" !!! So I did. A sparkling new Fireglo Rickenbacker 4003. Absolutely awesome bass, should've got one years ago, but kinda hard to get Down Under. I'm one lucky boy !!


Sweet bass!Congrats!


Cool! I had an old B-15 flip top. It seems odd to see one without the glowing tubes, big honking transformers, and the lit Ampeg plexi plate. Ampeg makes some of the best bass amps on the market---glad to see they're keeping up some traditions.


That's a super cool Rick bass! I think Fireglo is their nicest color.


Congrats Rusty!

Beautiful bass,and cool amp sir.

My cousin had 2 Rickenbacker 4003 basses, a Mapleglo and a Fireglo,he sold both ,but man i would've loved his Fireglo one ,totally cool,that's if i had been asked if i was interested first of course.

Fireglo is my fav Rickenbacker colour too.


Love it! When I was an actual "gigging" musician I played a blonde Ric 4001 (I was not good enough to play the guitar as a real

I sold that bass when I quit playing semi-professionally and have regretted it ever since. I loved that bass. Went through a Gibson EB-O bass, then a Fender Precision and eventually to the Ric dream.

I've wanted to get another Ric Bass for the past couple years...blonde, of course....but my wife, who is usually very understanding...but, ALWAYS correct....has not given me the green light when I brought it up.

So, I am supremely jealous of each of your recent acquisitions!


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