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I'm developing an obsession with Sta-Tite Tuners and I'm wondering if are a straight replacement for Kluson/Gibson Deluxe style machine heads. What do I have to look out for? And what is the difference between 'vertical' and 'horizontal'?

Thanks ever so much, Nick


I thought there really weren't any 'drop in' tuners so to speak, I thought a little routing was required. I have a 5120, so I don't know if the holes on that are a different size than what you have. I think 'vertical' tuners were for a solid guitar headstock, while 'horizontal' tuners were for a nylon-string guiars' headstock. Although I could be completely wrong, so don't quote me on that last part...


Your best bet would be to go to and check out their tuner section as they provide every little measurement and that way you would know for sure.

As far as hole in the headstock, Kluson and Sta-Tites are the same, 9/32". Your main concern is the screw hole mounting measurement.


On page: 58 of Stew-Mac's latest catalog, the Sta-Tights and the Klusons aren't even close to being a drop in. The Klusons are smalller however so you may be able to hide the old screw holes under the new tuners.


thanks for you help, guys. The headstock of the guitar I'm thinking about is pretty knackered so I'm not overly concerned with screw holes and footprints matching. I was worrying about 'big' holes and whether or not I would conversion bushings etc.



Those 18:1 reissue Sta Tites are killer... solved a lot of tuning probs.


There's a Gotoh tuner that looks just like a Sta-tite that seemingly drops right in. I'd like to know which one this is too!

" I then took my Jet to Performance Guitar in Hollywood (they've done work for many big name guitar players- Steve Vai, Michael Schenker, Paul Gilbert, Zappa, Black Crowes, Los Lobos, Megadeth, etc. They put in TV Jones Classic PUs, shielded the entire guitar, installed a graphite nut, and did a complete setup. They also installed (superior) Gotoh tuners that fit in the exact holes w/ no modifications."

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